Head of Sport Science, University of Aberdeen

My research interests cover the areas of exercise and metabolism, thermal stress and human performance, and exercise and disease. More recently my work has addressed the integration of changes in acid-base balance and acetyl group availability on metabolism at rest and during exercise. This ongoing work involves collaboration with Dr Gordon Smith (Washington Medical School, St Louis) and employs non-isotope labelling techniques. Other studies involve collaboration with Professor Colin Farquharson (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh) who is interested in the role of short-chain fatty acid availabilty on lipid and adipose tissue metabolism.

A graduate in Sports Science, I completed a PhD in Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen in 1993. I have held post-doctoral positions at the University of St Andrews and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and lecturing positions at the University of Aberdeen and MMU. In 2006 I joined Heriot-Watt University after working for the Ministry of Defence for a year as a scientific advisor. An Associate Professor in physiology and biochemistry, I lecture in aspects of cardiovascular function and exercise and exercise biochemistry and metabolism.


  • 2017–present
    Associate professor, University of Aberdeen
  • 2006–2017
    Associate professor, Heriot-Watt University

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow Royal Society of Biology
  • Member of the Physiological Society (UK)
  • Member of the American Physiological Society
  • Member of the Nutrition Society (UK)


Fellow of Royal Society of Biology