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Senior Lecturer in Animal Ecology, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dominique teaches and coordinates Animal Ecology and Environmental Science courses at USC's Moreton Bay campus.

Dominique's research interests encompass two major avenues of study:

1) The proximate and ultimate sources of selection contributing to the evolution of vocalizations, especially birdsong; and
2) The impact of anthropogenic activities such as urbanization, noise and land use changes on vertebrate populations.

Dominique uses a very interdisciplinary and broad-scale approach to investigate these themes, incorporating genetics, bioacoustics, ecology, physiology and even neuroscience.

Dominique also has an interest in Bayesian statistics, ornithological methods and evidence-based university teaching.

Dominique is an Associate Editor for the journal Emu: Australasian Ornithology, as well as the Journal of Avian Biology.


  • 2017–present
    Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast


    University of Melbourne, PhD
    Queen's University Canada, BSc(Hons)
    University of Western Ontario (Western University), MSc