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At USC, we see opportunities everywhere. ‘Rise, and shine.’ encourages our communities to seize every opportunity and reach their full potential, whatever their circumstances, histories and aspirations. This University focuses on enriching communities by delivering innovative, highly relevant programs and a personalised approach to learning.


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Tacky Waroo, renamed Indian Head by Captain James Cook when he sighted a large group of Butchulla warriors standing on the headland as his ship sailed up the coast in 1770. Sharon Ward

Celebrating K’gari: why the renaming of Fraser Island is about so much more than a name

Fraser Island was renamed to the original Butchulla name, K'gari. Returning to original place names is a significant step in First Nations people maintaining cultural identity in Australia.

Makhluk laut di ekuator berpindah ke tempat yang lebih dingin. Sejarah tunjukkan ini bisa berujung pada kepunahan massal

Perubahan iklim telah membuat lautan tropis terlalu panas bagi beberapa spesies. Ketika berpindah ke arah kutub, akan berdampak besar bagi ekosistem dan mata pencaharian manusia.

Marine life is fleeing the equator to cooler waters. History tells us this could trigger a mass extinction event

Climate change has already made tropical oceans too hot for some marine species to survive. As they flee towards the poles, the implications for ecosystems and human livelihoods will be profound.
Actor Simon Baker at a press conference in Canberra on Tuesday calling for a local content quota on streaming services. Lukas Coch/AAP

How local content rules on streamers could seriously backfire

Pursuing local content requirements on streaming services is a high risk, low reward campaign. The reality is global streamers can’t save Australian television.


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