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I am a Developmental Psychologist with more than 7 years of experience in research in university and professional positions. I currently work as a Research Fellow at the Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA). I have completed my PhD at the University of Queensland and my research has focused on investigating cross-cultural issues in children's cognitive development.

My recent research has been mainly on children's acquisition of understanding of mind and how children from different cultures come to understand other people's behavior. I am currently trying to broaden my research in culture, development and education and I believe that there is strong need in research in psychology for use of samples from different cultures.

My featured research can be found in the following references:

Culture and the sequence of steps in Theory of Mind development, Developmental Psychology: []

Towards a better understanding of the relationship between executive control and theory of mind. An intercultural comparison of three diverse samples, Developmental Science []

Cultural and family influences on children’s theory of mind development: A comparison of Australian and Iranian school-age children, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology: []


  • 2015–present
    Research Fellow, ACU


  • 2013 
    The University of Queensland , PhD