Postdoctoral Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Solent University

Drishty is a postdoctoral researcher and developer in artificial intelligence. She was awarded her PhD in Software Engineering from Kingston University, London. Her research focused on the design and evaluation of m-health systems for patients with chronic conditions. Drishty has been working on the WELCOME EU funded project (2013-2017), which aimed at providing an integrated care platform to support COPD patients suffering from different comorbidities in five EU countries as part of her doctoral thesis.

Her work included implementation and testing of IoT solutions, wearables and mobile application development to improve lifestyle and self-management of the chronic condition. She has also developed an Android application (CANAdvice) to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment to self-manage their side effects and receive real-time advice from the platform. Drishty is a member of the Technical Program Committee for IEEE Global Communications (Globecom 2018) and a member of the British Computer Society. She has presented her work at several local and international conferences.

Drishty’s research interests lie in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Internet of Things (IoT), user experience and usability testing methods, m-health, behavioural change management, decision support systems in the health sector.


  • 2018–present
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Solent University