Elisabeth S. Morris-Webb

PhD Researcher, Bangor University

I am currently a PhD researcher in the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, interested in the human dimensions of the marine environment.

After working for years as a subtidal marine ecologist my main current research interests are now more with people, in intertidal ecology and valuing ecosystem services, or 'nature's contribution to people'. I am particularly driven to better understand and evaluate the non-monetary values associated with coastal activities. My PhD seeks to explore health, personal well-being and heritage benefits people take home from their shoreline species collection and hand gathering activities.

Prior to returning to University, I was (and still am) a founding Director, Principal Marine Ecologist and scientific diver at small marine consultancy, Marine EcoSol (established in 2005). Over my working career, I have developed many areas of interest primarily related to subtidal ecology, the establishment of robust survey and monitoring techniques for temperate rocky reefs.

In my spare time I enjoy a bit of beach foraging myself, Seasearch diving and tackling the challenges of recording of signs of life on the seabed, including eggs, tracks, siphons and other cryptic signs of biodiversity.

My PhD is funded under the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS 2) programme, a pan-Wales higher level skills initiative led by Bangor University on behalf of the HE sector in Wales. It is part funded by the Welsh Government’s European Social Fund (ESF) convergence programme for West Wales and the Valley and is part funded by company partner Marine Ecological Solutions Ltd. (Marine EcoSol). www.marine-ecosol.com.


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    PhD Researcher, Bangor University