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Elizabeth Tunbridge

Associate professor and Royal Society Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

My research aims to understand how individual genes impact on the complex brain functions that are altered in psychiatric disorders. I believe that understanding these links will help to explain why some people respond well to treatments, whilst others do not, and will ultimately lead to new and improved therapies.

Much of my research focuses on genes that affect the function of dopamine, a chemical messenger which is implicated in a number of psychiatric disorders and is critical to many different aspects of brain function in healthy people. In order to do this I use a wide range of experimental techniques, which allows me to study the function of these genes at all levels - from individual cells to the whole person. In order to achieve this, I collaborate with many other researchers within the Department, elsewhere in Oxford, and internationally.


  • 2009–present
    Royal Society Research Fellow, University of Oxford
  • 2014–present
    Associate professor, University of Oxford