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Emanuele Giovannetti

Full Professor in Economics, Anglia Ruskin University

Professor of Economics at the School of Economics, Finance and Law, Anglia Ruskin University, and Senior Fellow, in Economics, at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. He completed a “Laurea” cum laude in Statistics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and an M.Phil and a Ph.D at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, on Asymmetries in technological adoption. Emanuele's research focuses on Market Power in Network Industries, on Mobile Internet Access and Digital Divide, on Crowdfunding and on Adoption and Diffusion of New Technologies.
Emanuele’s academic achievements have been recognised with his election as Vice Rapporteur for the Study Group 1 (2018-2022) of the International Telecommunication Union on the “Economics of infrastructure sharing”, as a Trustee of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, and with the awards of National Scientific Qualifications as Full Professor in: Economics, Applied Economics and Economic Policy, by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Before joining Anglia Ruskin University, Emanuele was Economic Advisor for the Chief Economist at the Office of Fair Trading, where he drafted the UK contribution to the revision of the EU vertical agreement regulations. He was also Associate Professor in Economics, University of Cape Town and University of Verona. Emanuele also worked for seven years at the University of Cambridge. When he left he was Senior Research Associate and Project Coordinator of the EU-IST FP7 CoCombine project on the economics of the Internet. Emanuele also lectured in Economics at Churchill College and Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Research interests
Diffusion of ICT
Digital Divide
Internet market structure
Economics of Networks
Regional Asymmetries
Economic geography
R&D and Spillovers
Emanuele is currently working on different but interrelated areas in the economics of networks. His current research explores original datasets on Mobile Internet connectivity in developing countries, using them to explore empirically the presence of market power. Emanuele is also researching on the drivers of diffusion for Mobile Social Networking and on the role of network externalities. This links to Emanuele’s research on technology adoptions and on regional asymmetries, due to uneven adoptions. Emanuele also focuses on competition policy, in particular on network industries and on vertical restraints. Emanuele is also researching the use of Social Network Theory to capture complex strategic interaction.

Areas of research supervision
Technological Forecasting

Economics of Networks

R&D Spillovers and Innovation

Social Network Analysis

Digital Divide and access to the Internet

In the last two decades, Emanuele has been teaching at the University of Cambridge, University of Rome, University of Cape Town, University of La Tuscia, University of Verona and at Anglia Ruskin University. His main areas of teaching are: Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Business Economics and Applied Game Theory.


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    Professor of Economics, Anglia Ruskin University