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Emmanuelle Vennin

Professeur en géologie (sédimentologie des carbonates), Université de Bourgogne – UBFC

My scientific background is in carbonate sedimentology and on the controlling factors involved in the variability of carbonate production over time from "mineralizing object": such as microbialites, for example. This research was possible thanks to several projects funded by the CNRS (ANR), industries, numerous national and international collaborations, and the supervision and co-supervision of PhD students, graduate students (master degree) and collaborations with post-doctoral researchers.

• Changes in carbonate production linked to climatic events (Examples of the northern margin of Gondwana at the end of the Ordovician before the appearance of the Hirnantian glaciation; Valanginian and Aptian carbonate platforms and relationships with calcifying organisms).
• Ecological changes and characterization of the evolution of carbonate production through the Permo-Triassic transition recorded in carbonate platforms (Iran, USA, Russia, etc.) and the role of fluid circulation and fracturation associated with reefal system (in Russia).
• Ecological, geometric and sedimentological changes in the mixed evaporite-carbonate and silicoclastic platforms and characterization of bioconstructions in connection with different geodynamic contexts through several examples of the Phanerozoic (Precambian, Neogene, Recent).
• Formation and preservation of microbial deposits: environmental context and associated intrinsic and extrinsic controlling factors (role of microorganisms in the precipitation and mineralisation processes, role of tectonic, climate, eustatism and volcanism in the development of microbialites).


  • –present
    Professeur en Géologie (Sédimentologie des carbonates), Université de Bourgogne – UBFC


  • 1997 
    Université de Bourgogne Franche Comté, IAS Johannes Walther Award