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Erika Sanchez-Velazquez

Deputy Head of School, Computing and Information Science, Anglia Ruskin University

Erika has been an active academic and researcher for more than ten years, focusing primarily on computer networks and security. Her research career started with the creation of intrusion detection systems by analysing source code, then shifted into the definition of secure protocols for mobile and wireless communication, as well as intrusion detection techniques for mobile and wireless networks based in the Mobile-IP protocol.

Erika's current areas of interest are software defined networks, and the definition of new protocols within the paradigm of a single controller within the network, and the security of the Internet of Things. She is currently a member of our Cyber Security and Networking Research Group, where she's in charge of supervising several undergraduate, MSc and PhD dissertations.

Erika's research interests include: Software Defined Networks and the Internet of Things. She is a member of the Cyber Security and Networking Research Group at Anglia Ruskin University.