Professor, Business, Brock University

Professor Eugene Kaciak began teaching at Goodman School of Business (Brock University) in 1989. He holds a Doctor Habilitatus degree in Management from Kozminski University, a PhD in Econometrics from Warsaw School of Economics, and an MSc in Management Science from Warsaw School of Economics. He teaches courses in Operations Management and Applied Business Research.

He also taught at the University of Algiers (six years), Warsaw School of Economics (seven years), the University of Alberta (one year), Laurentian University (two years), and Kozminski University (10 years).

Recent awards:

2019 Best Paper Award Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy Conference (GIKA-LATA), Concepcion (Chile), January 16-17: Welsh, D.H.B. and Kaciak, E. “Success for Women Entrepreneurs: The Role of Family Interference”.

2018 Best Conceptual Paper Award at the Annual Conference of Small Business Institute held in Corpus Christi, Texas, February 14-17: D.H.B. Welsh and E. Kaciak, "Female Entrepreneurship: A Model of Business-Family Interface and Performance".

2017 Best Paper Award Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy Conference, Lisbon, June 28-30: Welsh D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Shamah, R., and Hoy, F. “Determinants of women entrepreneurs’ firm performance in a challenging environment: evidence from Egypt”.

2017 The Departmental Researcher of the Year Award winner: Department of Finance, Operations, and Information Systems (FOIS) - Dr. Eugene Kaciak.

2015 The Best Track Presenter Award: Kaciak, E., Sagan, A. “A motivation-based segmentation of cigarette smokers: implications for improving antismoking campaigns.” The Academy of Business and Retail Management 3rd International Academic Conference in Paris (IACP), 10-11 August 2015, pp. 20-21, Paris, France.

2015 The Distinguished Empirical Paper Award: Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Zhou, Q. (2015). “The Impact of family and personal dynamics on Chinese women entrepreneurs’ firm performance: An empirical analysis.” 39th Proceedings of the Small Business Institute (SBI), St. Pete Beach, FL, February 11-15.

2013 Best Paper Award: Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Sadoon, A. A. “Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: a Growing Economic Segment”, the 2013 Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) Annual Conference-Plenary Sessions, Valencia (Spain) July 9-11, 2013.