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Doctorante, Institut des molécules et matériaux, Le Mans Université

Currently in PhD, I am studying the problem of the accumulation of plastics in water. Indeed, the fate of plastic particles are still poorly understood and the underlying physicochemical processes are not fully identified. For now, only fragments larger than 50μm are collected and characterized while all the knowledge acquired in recent years in the field of nanomaterials toxicity, suggest that the impacts of submicron sized particles (nanoplastics) could be exacerbated.

For this purpose, two main lines of research are envisaged:
• Understanding the mechanisms of degradation and fragmentation of micro and nanoplastics depending on the environment.
• Study of the buoyancy / sedimentation of microplastics in water according to their size, geometry and aging conditions


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    Doctorante, Le Mans Université