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Professeure des Universités en Sciences économiques, Université Côte d’Azur

She is a Faculty at Université Côte d’Azur (UCA), a permanent researcher at GREDEG-CNRS, and a affiliated researcher at OFCE SciencePo. At GREDEG, she coordinates with her colleague, Lionel Nesta, the Research Programme Heterogeneity, Competitiveness and Growth. In my works, She develops research on the micro-foundations of structural change, economic growth, and country competitiveness. She performs both formal analyses, developing models at the intersect of economic geography, international trade, and growth theories, and quantitative analysis in collaboration with her applied econometrician colleagues. She also develops country competitiveness diagnostics, microeconomic decomposition of aggregate productivity growth, and cross-country comparative firm-level productivity analysis, with application to both industrialized countries (especially France and Japan) and emerging economies (especially Vietnam and China). Her current research program focuses on how organizational change capabilities contribute to explain the diversity of growth and competitiveness patterns across firms, regions, and countries.

Her main area of economic expertise is on globalization and competitiveness issues with policy recommendations for both firms and territories. On this front, She tries to enlighten the major changes the development of global value chains (GVCs) at the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence, are bringing to our societies.