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Francisco López-Muñoz

Catedrático de Farmacología y Vicerrector de Investigación y Ciencia, Universidad Camilo José Cela

Francisco López-Muñoz, MD, PhD, DLitt, received his PhD Degree in Medicine at Madrid Complutense University in 1993 (Doctorate Extraordinary Award), and another PhD Degree in Spanish Language and Literature at University of Alcalá in 2015. He is a specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine, postgraduate in Holocaust Studies by the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem (Jerusalem, Israel) and diplomate in Advanced National Defense Studies (CESEDEN). He is Doctor Honoris Causa of Literature from the World Academy of Arts and Culture, affiliated with UNESCO . Currently, he is Full Professor of Pharmacology, Vice-Chancellor of Research and Science, and Chairman of the Research Ethics Committee at Camilo José Cela University, and Research Fellow at “Hospital 12 de Octubre” Research Institute (Madrid, Spain). He is Honorary Professor of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia, Honorary Professor of the Civil Guard (Spain) and the Catholic University of New Spain (USA). Prof. López-Muñoz has various awards for his research career, and he is Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors and of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts of Salzburg, Life Member of the World Academy of Arts and Culture, affiliated with UNESCO, Corresponding Academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Cádiz, Royal Academy of Medicine of Eastern Andalusia, Royal Academy of Medicine of the Basque Country, Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville, Academy of Pharmacy of the Valencian Community, Academy of Pharmacy Santa Maria of Spain in the Region of Murcia, Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce, Academy of Military Sciences and Arts,Royal Academy of the Sea, Academy of Diplomacy of the Kingdom of Spain, and Foreign Corresponding Academician of the National Academies of Medicine of Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and the National Academy of History and Geography of Mexico. He is member of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome, member of the Science and Technology Council of the Community of Madrid, member of ASEMEYA (Spanish Association of Medical Writers and Artists), Director of the Publications Service of Universidad Camilo José Cela, scientific advisor of the Ibero-American Committee on Ethics and Bioethics (CIEB), recognised as a “Champion” by the Centre for Medicine after the Holocaust (CMATH), based in Houston (USA), member of the Observatory Committee of the Human Rights Observatory of Spain (ODHE) and honorary member of the Ghandi-Mandela Foundation.

He has supervised 24 PhD theses, has participated in 51 research projects, and acts as evaluator of research projects and degrees for several European Agencies. Prof. López-Muñoz is editor/author of 30 books (such as the "History of Psychopharmacology", in three volumes, edited by Editorial Medica Panamericana, Madrid, 2007, and NPP Books, Arlington, USA, 2014, "Neurobiology of Depression", from the prestigious series Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2012, or "Melatonin, Neuroprotective Agents and Antidepressant Therapy", edited by Springer International, 2016), and 234 chapters of books related to the psychopharmacology and other topics. Among his published books are “Cuando la Medicina no cura. La participación del personal sanitario en torturas, genocidios y experimentos al margen de los códigos éticos” (2016), “El vuelo de Clavileño. Brujas, locos, pócimas, fármacos, médicos e inquisidores a través de la literatura cervantina” (2017), “La barca de Caronte. El largo viaje histórico del alma humana a través del pensamiento, la ciencia y la medicina” (2020) and more recently recently “La sangre de la Gorgona. Una historia del vampirismo desde la psicología y la medicina” (2023). He is the Director of the International Editorial Board of the Collection "Medical Humanities: Culture, Art, Science and Health" (Delta Publicaciones, Ediberun, Editores Iberoamericanos Unidos, Madrid), since 2016. He has published 476 articles (H-index = 44). Prof. López-Muñoz is member of several scientific societies (including Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum and Cervantes Society of America) and editorial boards, and has participated, as visiting Professor in different Spanish and international academic centres.

Research interest: Neuropsychopharmacology and Neurosciences: Biological bases of drug abuse and dual diagnosis, psychotropic drugs interactions, neurobiology of metal disorders, bibliometric techniques applied to mental health-related disciplines and neuropsychopharmacology, combination therapies with antidepressant drugs in resistant depression and with antipsychotics drugs in patients with refractory schizophrenia, the history of the psychopharmacology and neurosciences, and the history of literature.


  • 2019–present
    Profesor Titular de Farmacología y Vicerrector de Investigación y Ciencia, University Camilo José Cela


  • 1988 
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Medicina y Cirugía