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Lecturer and Researcher in Behavioural ecology and Cephalopod Biology, Anglia Ruskin University

I am a behavioural ecologist possessing a BSc in Zoology and a PhD in fish behavioural ecology (aggression in haplochromine cichlid fish). I am interested in areas of sexual selection, such as alternative mating strategies, intra-sexual competition and the reproductive/social behaviour of coleoid cephalopods.

I have experience of controlled laboratory behaviour experiments and aquatic field work, having dived many times in the UK (and abroad) and spent a good deal of time in Lake Malawi collecting fish and observational data.

As someone who works with captive aquatic animals, I am an advocate for captive aquatic animal welfare, holding numerous professional certificates in captive animal welfare and husbandry


  • –present
    Lecturer and Researcher in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Anglia Ruskin University


  • 2011 
    Bangor Uniuversity, PhD