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Professor Emeritus in Economics, University of Reading

Professor Geoff Meen's research into housing markets looks at a number of social issues, of which housing affordability is just one. Since 2004, he has done work for the England Department for Communities and Local Government, and recently served as a specialist adviser on the House of Lords Economics Affairs Committee. Geoff is one of 69 leading social scientists to be conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is recognised as "a leading specialist in the economic and policy analysis of housing markets from the local to the national levels".

Geoff doesn't come from a traditional academic background. Before he joined the University of Reading he worked as a government and private sector economist. He became interested in housing issues through his work within HM Treasury and what was then the Department for the Environment.

Geoff served as a specialist adviser to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee from 2015-16. In his role, he contributed to the Economics of the United Kingdom housing market inquiry, which produced the July 2016 report, Building more homes.


  • –present
    Professor of Applied Economics, University of Reading