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Georgios D. Kitsios

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Kitsios is a critical care physician in medical intensive care units across the UPMC system. He is also involved in provision of inpatient pulmonary consultations at the main campus and through telemedicine services. His clinical focus is on delivery of evidence-based critical care medicine across diverse critically-ill populations. Dr. Kitsios's translational research focuses on the development of microbial DNA sequencing-based diagnostics for pneumonia and sepsis in the intensive care unit, to improve upon major deficiencies in sensitivity and timeliness of the current culture-dependent diagnostic paradigm. His work further examines the ability to define ARDS subphenotypes from lung microbiome profiles and host innate immune response to explain the clinical heterogeneity of the syndrome and allow for better targeting of interventions. He is also interested in the impact of the gut microbiome on critical illness outcomes and the use of microbial replacement therapies with fecal transplant for the eradication of multidrug-resistant organisms in chronically critically-ill patients.


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    Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh