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Grant Vandenberg

Professeur titulaire – Groupe de recherche en recyclage biologique et aquaculture, Faculté des sciences de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation, Université Laval, Université Laval

Dr. Grant Vandenberg has a background in animal physiology and aquaculture. Raised on a family farm in Southern Ontario, he attended the University of Guelph, receiving his BSc in animal science and an MSc in fish physiology and aquaculture. After completing his master's degree, he gained academic experience in the United States, followed by work in the private biotechnology sector. In 1996, he moved to Quebec City to pursue his doctoral studies at Laval University working on polymer encapsulation strategies and fish nutrition. In 2003, Dr. Vandenberg was awarded an NSERC Industrial Chair for the development of Sustainable Aquaculture at Université Laval's Dep. of Animal Science to develop research activities focused on nutritional approaches to minimize the environmental impact of fish production, as well as technological developments related to aquatic animal health, production and physiology.

For the past 5 years, his laboratory has been working to develop the use of insect larvae to upcycle residual organic matter as an alternative approach to manage organic waste, and to develop innovative and high-value ingredients for the animal feed sector.


  • 2003–2019
    Professor, Université Laval
  • 2000–2010
    Founder/CSO, PerOs Systems Technologies Inc