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Research Associate, Environmental and Social Psychology, Cardiff University

Working on an ESRC funded project under Professor Wouter Poortinga to explore the potential for the English Plastic Bag Charge (PBC) to lead to behavioural spillover effects, where the uptake of a new pro-environmental behaviour may lead to an increase in other pro-environmental behaviours. Responsibilities include analysis of secondary datasets, and designing and evaluating a field experiment to promote spillover effects.

Research areas include the investigation into interactions of habit/habit discontinuity effects on pro-environmental behaviours, with additional interest in links between attitudes and values as predictors of behaviour, measurement and use of implicit association measures, promotion of sustainable travel choices, and use of dual-process models in behaviour.


  • –present
    Research associate, Cardiff University


  • 2016
    Habit Discontinuity, Self-Activation, and the Diminishing Influence of Context Change: Evidence from the UK Understanding Society Survey, PLoS One
  • 2015
    Old habits die hard travel habit formation and decay during an office relocation, Environment & Behavior
  • 2015
    Users of different travel modes differ in journey satisfaction and habit strength but not environmental worldviews: a large-scale survey of drivers, walkers, bicyclists and bus users commuting to a UK university, Transportation Research Part F
  • 2014
    Grounded Theory analysis of commuters discussing a workplace carbon-reduction target: Autonomy, satisfaction, and willingness to change behaviour in drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and bus users, Transportation Research Part F
  • 2014
    The Development and Validation of an Implicit Measure Based on Biospheric Values, Environment & Behavior