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Hadrien P.A. Vanthomme

Researcher in natural resources and landscape management, Cirad

Hadrien P.A. Vanthomme is a research ecologist specialising in wildlife management and landscape ecology at Cirad. Hadrien is part of the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme as site coordinator in Gabon. The programme reconciles food security and wildlife conservation issues by encouraging the sustainable and legal exploitation of wild animals by rural stakeholders. He holds a veterinary doctorate from the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Nantes (France) with a specialisation in wildlife management and a doctorate in resource and ecosystem management from the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. His thesis, carried out in partnership with Cirad, focused on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of hunting in the Central African Republic using a panarchic approach. After the thesis, Hadrien worked for the Center for Conservation and Sustainability of the Smithsonian Institution. Initially leading studies on the impact of large infrastructure projects on the structure and distribution of large mammals and biodiversity, mainly in Gabon, Hadrien went on to found a research team within the centre specialising in landscape ecology and related issues. Hadrien was recruited to CIRAD in November 2020. His professional background allowed him to develop skills in biodiversity inventories and monitoring, landscape ecology, remote sensing techniques, ecosystem service assessment, landscape connectivity, socio-economic data management, and scenario planning. Within CIRAD’s Forests and Societies unit, Hadrien is integrating scenario planning approaches with ongoing work to guide decision-making towards sustainable management of forest ecosystems from an environmental, but also economic and social perspective.


  • –present
    Researcher in natural resources and landscape management, Cirad


  • 2010 
    Paris Natural History Museum, PhD / natural resources management