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Hans-Peter Kubis

Director of the Health Exercise and Rehabilitation Group, Bangor University

Hans-Peter Kubis studied Biological Sciences with focus in Physiology at University Goettingen, Germany. He then went to Medical School Hanover, Germany and earned his doctoral degree in Biochemistry at University Hanover, followed by his habilitation in Physiology at Medical School Hanover. He worked many years investigating the regulation and development of skeletal muscle fibre types using artificial muscles in culture and animal systems. After coming to Bangor University, he now works on the prevention and treatment of obesity, as well as its underlying causes and mechanisms on physiological and psychological levels. This includes the development of weight loss strategies, techniques for investigating perceptual responses to food, analyzing the interaction of nutrients and metabolism on whole body and cellular levels. Moreover, he investigates the pathophysiology of chronic diseases connected with obesity like obstructive sleep apnoea and diabetes type II. A further main interest is the investigation of mechanisms of adaptations to exercise on psychological, physiological and cellular levels. In particular, interactions of exercise stimuli and nutrients influencing skeletal muscle and whole body metabolism and weight regulation are investigated with various techniques.


  • 2005–2017
    Senior Lecturer in Physiology, Bangor University