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Heather Browning

Postdoctoral Research Officer, Foundations of Animal Sentience, London School of Economics and Political Science

Heather Browning is a postdoctoral researcher in animal sentience and welfare at the London School of Economics, as part of the Foundations of Animal Sentience project. She completed her PhD at the Australian National University, with a thesis on the measurement of animal welfare. Her primary research interests are animal welfare, ethics, and consciousness. She was recently part of the research team who produced a report for DEFRA reviewing the evidence of sentience in cephalopod molluscs and decapod crustaceans, leading to an amendment of the UK's Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill to include their protection.

Heather has also worked for many years as a zookeeper and zoo animal welfare officer, working with a range of species including birds, primates, and Australian native mammals. She is particularly interested in the practical application of animal welfare measurement.


  • 2020–2023
    Research officer, London School of Economics and Political Science


  • 2020 
    Australian National University, PhD