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Senior Researcher - Human Centred Computing, University of Oxford

I am a social scientist by background. I conduct research on interaction, collaboration and organisation in institutional settings. I have been involved in a range of projects and I use various qualitative methods as the basis for research.

My PhD (University of Nottingham) explored doctor-patient communication in specialist obesity clinics. From September 2009 to July 2014 I worked as a member of the Work, Interaction and Technology Research Centre (WIT) at King’s College London. WIT is a centre of research excellence in the use video data to analyse day to day workplace activities. I contributed to projects on a range of topics involving eye care, obesity management, electronic health records and robotic surgery technologies. I am very interested in exploring the ways that research findings can be used to benefit workplace practices – my final WIT project was a collaboration with the College of Optometrists to produce and deliver a communication skills training package for eye care practitioners.

In November 2014 I joined the Human Centred Computing (HCC) group at the University of Oxford. This is an interdisciplinary research group that carries out projects to advance understanding of the ways in which technology affects communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange within scientific, work and home settings. I am currently involved in two HCC group projects. 'Digital wildfire'
investigates interactions on social media platforms and particularly focuses on potentially harmful communication behaviours such as the spread of misinformation, hate speech and antagonistic content. The project explores the ways in which online users (co)regulate their own behaviours and seeks to identify tools and mechanisms that can enhance ethical online governance. The 'UnBias' project investigates user experiences of algorithm driven internet services and the processes of algorithm design. It carries out a range of activities that 1) support user understanding about online environments, 2) raise awareness among online providers about the concerns and rights of internet users, and 3) generate debate about the ‘fair’ operation of algorithms in modern life.


  • 2014–present
    Senior Researcher, University of Oxford
  • 2009–2014
    Research associate, King's College London


  • 2009 
    University of Nottingham , PhD