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Associate Professor in Security and Crime Science, UCL

Hervé Borrion’s research interest lies combining the principles of crime science and systems engineering to assess and manage security risks.


  • 2016–present
    Senior Lecturer in Security and Crime Science, UCL
  • 2010–2016
    Lecturer in Security and Crime Science, UCL


  • 2006 
    UCL, PhD
  • 2002 
    ENSAE, MSc


  • 2017
    Tripathi, K., Borrion, H., & Fujiyama, T. (2017). Potential Explosive Device on a Commuter Train: What drives train drivers to deviate from the security procedure?. Urban Rail Transit, 1-11.,
  • 2016
    Tripathi, K., & Borrion, H. (2016). Safe, secure or punctual? A simulator study of train driver response to reports of explosives on a metro train. Security Journal, 29(1), 87-105.,
  • 2016
    Ritchie, M., Fioranelli, F., & Borrion, H. (2016). Micro UAV crime prevention: Can we help Princess Leia?,
  • 2016
    Ritchie, M., Fioranelli, F., Borrion, H., & Griffiths, H. (2016). Multistatic micro-doppler radar feature extraction for classification of unloaded/loaded micro-drones. IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation.,
  • 2015
    Fioranelli, F., Ritchie, M., Griffiths, H., & Borrion, H. (2015). Classification of loaded/unloaded micro-drones using multistatic radar. Electronics Letters, 51(22), 1813-1815.,
  • 2014
    Borrion, H., Tripathi, K., Chen, P., & Moon, S. (2014). Threat detection: a framework for security architects and designers of metropolitan rail systems. Urban, Planning and Transport Research, 2(1), 173-194.,
  • 2014
    Hill, J. F., Johnson, S. D., & Borrion, H. (2014). Potential uses of computer agent-based simulation modelling in the evaluation of wildlife poaching. Situational Prevention of Poaching, 120-153.,
  • 2014
    Ashby, M. P., Bowers, K. J., Borrion, H., & Fujiyama, T. (2014). The when and where of an emerging crime type: The example of metal theft from the railway network of Great Britain. Security Journal.,
  • 2013
    Borrion, H. (2013). Quality assurance in crime scripting. Crime Science, 2(1), 1.,
  • 2012
    Borrion, H., Mitchener-Nissen, T., Taylor, J., & Lai, K. M. (2012, August). Countering Bioterrorism: Why smart buildings should have a code of ethics. In Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC), 2012 European (pp. 68-75). IEEE.,