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Imogen Wegman

Lecturer in Humanities, University of Tasmania

Imogen Wegman is a Lecturer in Humanities at the University of Tasmania, where she researches the everyday life of a colony. She uses digital tools to uncover the stories of the people living on these lands and nerds out about maps with her students, teaching them how to find and interpret them for their own research.

Having grown up in Hobart, Imogen has a strong connection to her island home. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Tasmania, before moving to the UK to join the University of East Anglia’s Landscape History MA program. Her dissertation examined the creation of ‘isolated’ parish churches – those that stand in the middle of a field, far from their village. She returned to Tasmania to complete her PhD in History at the University of Tasmania, examining the differences between land grants given to convicts and free settlers.

Imogen has a keen interest in public histories, and has held a range of non-academic roles that have connected her research with the public. As a tour guide she converted her thesis into a commentary designed for tourists with little to no background knowledge. She also worked behind the help desk in a public library, helping clients research their family history, find information about their house, or pursue other historical questions. She is a popular public speaker, and is regularly invited to speak to diverse audiences.


  • 2020–present
    Lecturer in Humanities, University of Tasmania