Senior Lecturer, City, University of London

A member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, fellow of the Higher Education Society, my experience, knowledge and skills reflect a diverse but balanced mixture of engineering, technology and innovation, and business management expertise. In the process of my PhD completion from early 2000 till 2013 I have been involved in research and industry activities related to Aviation Safety and Air Transport.

Those include but are not limited to:

A novel Risk Management Model as a proactive tool in airline safety management as one of the results of my PhD Thesis. My research investigated the human factors, human error, and the role of risk management with proactive safety in contemporary Aviation industry. The key aim of my PhD project was to develop an innovative approach to risk management building on the existing models and overcoming gaps observed while doing hands on real airline work. Knowledge generated (i.e. a model) is to demonstrate that technological, organizational and equipment based factors can be applied in order to assess the risk in the system proactively. Framework underlying the model was heavily influenced and shaped by cutting edge lumbar spine biomechanical system analogy that I found as an ideal for that role,

Business driven internal airline studies - One of the key findings of my PhD research has been realization that we need to reconsider the way we approach risk management hence I researched into Aviation Strategy. Business environment and operation should be perceived as entities that are in constant flux in order for a company to cope with business, technological, legal, regulatory, and other changes. Having felt the interwoven nature of Aviation Industry observed from my practical experience I have studied strategic implications of proactive work in the safety arena,

Dedicated and custom made Safety Cases - Questions such as: how to maximise the use of available equipment, what kind of economic, business, management, and other implications that brings, what is the nature of relationship between operations and safety, and what would be next addition to flight operations technology have been important part of my daily work and research as well.


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    Senior Lecturer, City University London