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Jack Cooper

Doctoral researcher in Palaeobiology, Swansea University

I am a doctoral researcher at Swansea University studying the functional diversity of sharks through time. This involves examining ecological changes of sharks across the last 66 million years using fossil teeth.

I receive sponsorship from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles and am a member of the Pimiento Research Group, which aims to assess extinction mechanisms of marine megafauna such as sharks through time. The ultimate goal of the team is to use this information to inform ongoing conservation efforts.

Additionally, I engage in outreach of shark palaeobiology through a variety of ways. My outreach, as well as previous work I have published, primarily focuses on the iconic megalodon sharks, its biology and ecology, and what the extinction of this apex predator could tell us about the effects of future shark losses.


  • 2020–2024
    PhD researcher, Swansea University