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Profesor Titular. Física del Estado Sólido, código Unesco 2211, Universidad de Murcia

Jaime Colchero is group leader of the research group “Devices, Investigation and Applications in Nanoscience” (DIANA) at the Centre for Optics and Nanoscience of the Universidad de Murcia. This group focuses on Nanoscience, in particular Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and its application to fundamental processes at small scale: intermolecular forces, dissipation and noise in nanoscale systems, Nanotribology, nanoscale wetting of surfaces, investigation of biophysical systems as well as the electronic and morphological properties of polymers and molecular materials. The DIANA group has an internationally recognized expertise in AFM and its general scientific approach is to bridge the gap between Nano and Macro Science and resolving fundamental questions like: how do basic processes at the nanoscale determine the function of large-scale system and devices?
The DIANA group is active in the development of new instrumentation and new measurement techniques in the field of Scanning Probe Microscopy, including static and dynamic friction microscopy and low oscillation (non-contact) Dynamic AFM. Jaime Colchero has an internationally recognized expertise in Electrostatic and Kelvin Force Microscopy, as well as in dynamic AFM in ambient environments. Recently, the group has been involved in different aspects of multifrequency AFM and has developed a flexible combined AFM-optical microscopy system.
Jaime Colchero holds 4 patents related to AFM, is co-author of the WSXM software and was co-founder of Nanotec Electronica (SPM/AFM instrumentation and software).


  • –present
    Profesor Titular. Física del Estado Sólido, código Unesco 2211 , Universidad de Murcia


  • 1988 
    Universidad de Bonn, Ciencias Físicas