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Professor of Disease Control, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

James is Professor in the Department of Disease Control and Director of the Arthropod Control Product Test Centre (ARCTEC). He is Principal Investigator of a large research portfolio investigating novel ways to control arthropod vectors that transmit pathogens of medical importance, including Zika, malaria and dengue. James ia the UK's leading expert on insect repellents and methods of personal protection against arthropod vectors. Through chemical ecology studies, his research group explores the complex interaction between arthropod vectors, vertebrate hosts and pathogens at the behavioural, olfactory and molecular level.

The Logan group also investigates the mode of action of new (and current) monitoring and control technologies for arthropods, using in-house state-of-the-art experimental equipment including electroantennography, single sensillum recording, gas chromatography, RT-PCR and behavioural olfactometry, as well as Category 3 facilities which allow complex malaria infection studies with Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes and Plasmodium falciparum parasites. The arctec laboratories, and well-stocked insectaries, house excellent facilities for the development and high-throughput evaluation of arthropod-related products and technologies for pest and vector control.

James and his team are GCP-trained and highly practiced in coordinating clinical trials on commercial products including repellents, after-bite treatments and head lice treatments.

James began his career with a first class BSc honours degree in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen in 2001 and an award-winning PhD in 2005. He then led a research group at Rothamsted Research, as Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist, within the Chemical Ecology Programme, before joining the School.

James is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, Research Degree Coordinator for the Department of Disease Control, a member of the LSHTM Repository Steering Committee and the Public Engagement Committee.

James is an avid science communicator and is Science Ambassador for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Network (STEMNET) which aims to inspire young people in science. James is also a science TV presenter, currently working on exciting programmes with the BBC and Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies. He also makes regular appearances on television, radio and in print media as a scientific expert.

James enjoys taking part in charity work and is Honorary President of the charity Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness (BADA-UK) which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of tick bites and the disease pathogens they transmit.


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    Professor of Disease Control, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine