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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine aims to improve health and health equity in the UK and worldwide; working in partnership to achieve excellence in public and global health research, education and translation of knowledge into policy and practice.

The School’s multidisciplinary expertise includes clinicians, epidemiologists, statisticians, social scientists, molecular biologists and immunologists. They work with partners worldwide to support the development of teaching and research capacity, and their alumni work in more than 180 countries.


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Bila dilakukan secara tidak berkelanjutan, pembangunan pertanian dapat membahayakan kesehatan manusia. Nikada vi GettyImages

Peningkatan aktivitas pertanian terkait dengan kenaikan kasus malaria: riset dari 16 negara Afrika

Kedua penelitian kami mengkonfirmasi bahwa pertanian terkait dengan peningkatan penularan malaria di Afrika.
Shutterstock / HeiSpa

¿Influyeron las condiciones meteorológicas en la transmisión inicial del coronavirus?

El comportamiento de la población y las intervenciones gubernamentales fueron los impulsores más importantes en la reducción de la transmisión del virus durante la primera ola de la pandemia.
Health workers are preparing COVID-19 vaccine Sinovac during first stage vaccination in Health Center, South Tagerang City, Indonesia, Januari 15, 2021. More than 8.000 health workers there are vacinnated. ANTARA FOTO/Fauzan/foc

Indonesia’s decision to prioritise COVID-19 vaccination to citizens aged 18-59 years old questionable

By prioritising vaccination for the elderly, Indonesia may optimally reduce the hospital burden and COVID-19 deaths amid a limited vaccine supply during the first vaccination phase.
The mortality rate of AIDS-related deaths remains high among adolescent girls and young women. Shutterstock

Here’s where efforts to end HIV in eastern and southern Africa must focus

The evidence shows that keeping girls in school not only reduces HIV risk, but also delays marriage and pregnancy, and improves mental health.


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