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Post-doctoral researcher, University of Glasgow

I work in a group which applies the techniques of electron-cryomicroscopy and image analysis to the study of viruses. We are equipped with a high-performance JEOL 2200 cryo-microscope suitable both for high-resolution analysis of symmetrical entities e.g. icosahedral and helical viruses, and for tomographic reconstruction of asymmetrical objects such as enveloped viruses and virus-infected cells. We also have facilities for correlative cryo-fluorescence imaging, high-pressure freezing, automated freeze substitution and cryo-ultramicrotomy. The establishment of these capabilities within a dedicated virus research laboratory gives us an exciting opportunity to visualise the process of virus infection at cellular scale and macromolecular resolution.

We are currently engaged in research into caliciviruses, influenzaviruses and paramyxoviruses (respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza viruses and measles virus).


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    Post-doctoral researcher, University of Glasgow