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Lecturer in sociology, Cardiff University

I was appointed lecturer in sociology in the School of Social Sciences in September, 2016. Previous to that, I was a SAGE postdoctoral research associate tasked with collecting and producing qualitative datasets to be published and used as a pedagogiocal resource on SAGE's Research Methods (SRM) platform.

My research interests straddle the sociology of Science and Technology Studies (STS), public understanding of science (PUS) and medical sociology. In particular:

(i) developments in qualitative research; (ii) the sociology of biomedical knowledge with particular emphasis on the social implications of new genetic and stem cell technologies; (iii) issues of culture, interdisciplinarity and collaboration in big science; (iv) the impact of public engagement on higher education; and (v) aspects of practical accomplishment and modelling in the laboratory
Qualitative Research Methods, Sociology of Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Health and Illness, Public Understanding of Science and Impact.

My research straddles the sociology of Science and Technology Studies, the Sociology of Health and Illness and the Public Understanding of Science. This has included writing about practical accomplishment in the laboratory and animal house, the public understanding and engagement of psychiatric genetics, interdisciplinarity and collaboration in big science especially bioinformatics, translational research and standardisation, and collective effervescence and biosociality. My work is mostly ethnographic or interview based.


  • 2016–present
    Lecturer, Cardiff University