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Research Fellow, The Open University

I am currently a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Open University. Past work has included research on recent gullies on Mars with remote sensing, spectral, and thermal datasets, and research into dust devils on Earth and Mars at the University of Muenster.

I have looked into present-day seasonal gully activity in a South Polar Pit (Sisyphi Cavi) on Mars Gullies and their relationships to the Dust-Ice Mantle in the Northwestern Argyre Basin, Mars Bright Dust Devil Tracks on Earth: Implications for their Formation on Mars First Insitu Analysis of Dust Devil Tracks on Earth and their Comparison with Tracks on Mars Quantifying geological processes on Mars – Results of the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on Mars Express.

Recent publications:

In Situ Sampling of Relative Dust Devil Particle Loads and Their Vertical Grain Size Distributions (2017-04)
Raack, Jan; Reiss, Dennis; Balme, Matthew R.; Taj-Eddine, Kamal and Ori, Gian Gabriele
Astrobiology ((Ahead of print))

Quantifying geological processes on Mars—Results of the high resolution stereo camera (HRSC) on Mars express (2015-07) Jaumann, R.; Tirsch, D.; Hauber, E.; Ansan, V.; Di Achille, G.; Erkeling, G.; Fueten, F.; Head, J.; Kleinhans, M.G.; Mangold, N.; Michael, G.G.; Neukum, G.; Pacifici, A.; Platz, T.; Pondrelli, M.; Raack, J.; Reiss, D.; Williams, D.A.; Adeli, S.; Baratoux, D.; de Villiers, G.; Foing, B.; Gupta, S.; Gwinner, K.; Hiesinger, H.; Hoffmann, H.; Deit, L. Le; Marinangeli, L.; Matz, K.-D.; Mertens, V.; Muller, J.P.; Pasckert, J.H.; Roatsch, T.; Rossi, A.P.; Scholten, F.; Sowe, M.; Voigt, J. and Warner, N.

Planetary And Space Science, 112 (pp. 53-97)
Present-day seasonal gully activity in a south polar pit (Sisyphi Cavi) on Mars (2015-05)
Raack, Jan; Reiss, D.; Appéré, T.; Vincendon, M.; Ruesch, O. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 251 (pp. 226-243)

Gullies and their relationships to the dust–ice mantle in the northwestern Argyre Basin, Mars (2012-05)
Raack, J.; Reiss, D. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 219(1) (pp. 129-141)

Bright dust devil tracks on Earth: Implications for their formation on Mars (2011-01)
Reiss, D.; Raack, J. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 211(1) (pp. 917-920)

First in-situ analysis of dust devil tracks on Earth and their comparison with tracks on Mars (2010-07-22)
Reiss, D.; Raack, J.; Rossi, A. P.; Di Achille, G. and Hiesinger, H.
Geophysical Research Letters, 37, Article L14203(14)


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    Research Fellow, The Open University