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Professor in Organisational Psychology, Dublin City University

Dr Janine Bosak is an Associate Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at Dublin City University Business School. She is also Director of Research of the Leadership and Talent Institute (LTI) at Dublin City University in Dublin/Ireland and currently serves as Executive Committee Member of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP).

Janine's research interests are at the interface of social and organizational psychology including the topics of social cognition and influence, stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace, and employee wellbeing in organizations. Her articles appear in journals including the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (PSPB), Human Resource Management (US), Human Resource Management Journal (HRMJ), International Journal of Human Resource Management (IJHRM), British Journal of Management (BJM), British Journal of Social Psychology (BJSP), and the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP).

Janine is a Consulting Editor of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (JOOP) and she serves on the editorial boards of the German Journal of Human Resource Management and the Journal of Organizational Effectiveness, People and Performance (JOEPP). She is also a member of the Academy of Management, the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology, and the European Association of Social Psychology.


Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA); James M. Flaherty Visiting Professor