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Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania

Dr Jason Scott is a researcher in the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. His research focuses on studying diseases of agricultural crops. He is particularly interested in the epidemiology and population biology of fungal pathogens and using this information to aid the development of improved disease management strategies.

After completing his PhD, Jason worked as a postdoctoral fellow at CSIRO Plant Industry in Brisbane for 3.5 years. He then spent 18 months working at the University of Minnesota in St Paul, USA. In both of these positions his research was focused on the population biology of Fusarium pathogens of wheat.

Jason joined the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture as a research fellow in late 2008. Since mid-2014, he has led the TIA plant pathology program based at the Cradle Coast campus. Research conducted within this group falls under four general areas:

evaluating the risks posed to pyrethrum crops by new and emerging fungal pathogens
understanding the mechanisms than influence how fungal pathogens evolve and adapt to agricultural practices
evaluating the mechanisms of spread of downy mildew of poppies and how the disease is influence by environmental conditions
modelling disease epidemics to better predict and manage their effects on crop yield