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PhD Researcher in Earth and Environmental Science, Cardiff University

Jaz L Millar is a PhD candidate researcher at Cardiff University School of Earth and Ocean Science and The Natural History Museum London Department of Botany in Life Sciences. They hold an MBiol from the University of York Department of Biology. With a background in microbiology, molecular biology and extremophiles, they are interested in how life could have survived the Cryogenian “Snowball Earth” global glaciations of ~650 million years ago. Jaz creates analogues for Snowball Earth cryoconite ecosystems in the lab, using modern day cold-climate microorganisms that resemble early life and culturing them under Cryogenian conditions. From this they hope to gain insight into life at the dawn of animal evolution, and in changing climates throughout time.


  • –present
    PhD Researcher in Biology, University of Cardiff