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Jonathan Jackson

Professor of Research Methodology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Jonathan Jackson is Professor of Research Methodology and Head of the Department of Methodology at LSE. He is an Honorary Professor of Criminology at the University of Sydney Law School and an Affiliated Scholar in the Justice Collaboratory of Yale Law School.

Working at the intersection of psychology and law, his research focuses on procedural justice (the importance of fair process in interactions between power-holders and subordinates) and legitimacy (perceptions of the right to power) in the context of the criminal justice system. He is interested in clarifying the meaning and measurement of both concepts; understanding the causal mechanisms that transmit the effects of procedural justice and legitimacy on various behavioural and attitudinal outcomes; testing how well procedural justice theory travels across diverse social, political and legal contexts using methodologically equivalent research designs; and examining the importance of ‘bounded authority’, i.e. respecting the limits of one’s rightful authority.


  • 2014–2020
    Professor, LSE