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Assistant Professor of Political Science, Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po

I am a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University, and previously at Keele University. I hold a PhD in social sciences form the University of Antwerp. I combine qualitative and quantitative methods and approaches from political science, sociology and urban studies in my research on individual and collective environmental action, and the link between both.

In particular, when do actions focused on citizens' taking their own responsibility (e.g. developing local sustainable food alternatives) lead to challenges to governments and corporations, and when do they draw away from that? In other projects, I have looked at the way in which climate activists try to become organized at a global level to provide a global response to a global problem, and at the nascent topic of activism on climate adaptation. Most recently, I have co-organized a global protest survey of the climate school strikes organized by Fridays For Future.


  • 2018–2020
    Postdoc, Stockholm University
  • 2016–2018
    Postdoc, Keele University
  • 2015–2016
    PhD Researcher, University of Antwerp
  • 2012–2015
    PhD Researcher, KU Leuven