Senior Lecturer in Sport, University of Stirling

Dr Joseph Bradley's research interests lie in sport's relationship with ethnicity, identity, race, religion, the media, ideology and politics. Dr Bradley has presented papers on these topics at International conferences in Holland, France, Cuba, Germany, Poland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, England, Wales and Scotland. He was a member of a group appointed by the Economic and Social Research Council to carry out research on those who comprise the 2nd and 3rd generation Irish in Britain.

Publications include:
(2015) Sectarianism, anti-sectarianism and Scottish football, Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 18, 5, pp588-603.
(2011) In groups, out groups and contested identities in Scottish international football, Sport in Society Special Edition, “Sport: ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Indigeneity”, 14, 6, pp.812-827.
(2006) Sport and the Contestation of Ethnic Identity: Football and Irishness in Scotland, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol 32, No 7, pp.1189-1208.
(2004) Orangeism in Scotland: Unionism, Politics, Identity and Football, Eire – Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies, Vol 39, 1 & 2, pp. 237-261.
(2002) Unrecognised Middle-Class Revolutionary?: Michael Cusack, Sport and Cultural Change in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, The European Sports History Review, vol 4, pp. 58-72.
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(2002) Maguire, J., Jarvie, G., Mansfield, L & Bradley J M, (Editors) 'Sport Worlds: A Sociological Perspective', Human Kinetics, USA.


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    Lecturer in Sport, University of Stirling