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Joshua Luke Ameliorate

Lecturer in Human Anatomy, Swinburne University of Technology

I am a passionate medical anatomist/neuroanatomist and traumatologist with a special research interest in the pathologies underlying acute neurological trauma and brain disease, as well as enhanced student learning through visually engaging innovative teaching mediums. Prior to my university lectureship, I received my doctorate in medicine with a dissertation focused on the development and application of novel pharmaceuticals and surgical techniques targeting post injury cerebral oedema. My prior honours in neuropathology and medicine found its research emphasis in ameliorating trauma-induced disruption to the blood brain barrier. Throughout the course of my career I have taught/coordinated at various undergraduate and postgraduate levels in medical physiology, clinical/functional and integrative anatomy, neuroanatomy, pathology, biology of disease, neuroscience and the scientific basis of clinical medicine, whilst simultaneously working as a prosector in the preparation of cadaver specimens for teaching and research. Far prior to this however, I was formerly trained in classical illustration, media and design and frequently appropriate the visual aspects of anatomy, medicine, physiology and biomedical science to communicate their often complex and integrated concepts in an engaging and informative way. Since 2013 I have also continued to work with a number of university colleagues in the development and deployment of unique in house teaching mediums specifically designed to assist students in blending their understanding of anatomy, pathology and physiology into a cohesive and consolidated framework.