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Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne is an innovative education institution that provides quality career-oriented education. Our strong technological base and links with industry are complemented by innovative research centres and strong international partnerships. Swinburne has programs for learners at every level, from vocational training through to PhDs, with pathway opportunities that allow students to achieve their personal best education outcome.


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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at New Zealand Parliament beside senior cultural adviser to Parliament Kura Moeahu during a Māori welcome ceremony. AAP Image/Mark Coote

The Voice: how do other countries represent Indigenous voices in government?

Despite the claim ‘there is no comparable constitutional body like this anywhere in the world’ many countries have similar institutions to the proposed Voice.
En embrassant votre chat ou votre chien, vous courez certains risques de contracter des maladies -quoique minimes! (Shutterstock)

Donnez-vous des bisous à votre animal de compagnie ? Si oui, lisez ceci

Les animaux, y compris ceux qui vivent dans nos maisons, peuvent être porteurs de toutes sortes de maladies. La plupart du temps, cela ne pose pas problème. Mais il y a quelques précautions à prendre.
Image courtesy of the Housing for the Aged Action Group

Ageing in a housing crisis: growing numbers of older Australians are facing a bleak future

An ageing population is caught in a perfect storm of rising house prices and rents, falling home ownership rates, mortgage debt carried into retirement, insecure rentals and a lack of social housing.


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