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Juan Luis Gómez Cámer

Profesor Ayudante Doctor en Química Inorgánica, Universidad de Córdoba

Dr. Gómez-Cámer obtained his PhD in 2010 at the University of Córdoba under the supervision
of Prof. Julián Morales and Prof. Luis Sánchez, with the topic of composite electrodes of
silicon nanoparticles used as negative electrodes for lithium ion batteries.
In March 2011, Dr. Gómez-Cámer moved to PSI to work as postdoc with Prof. Petr Novák
for almost 4 years, working on a large industrial project with BASF SE and leading another
with IMERYS Graphite & carbon, being in charge of a team of 2 postdocs. During this period
he specialized in solid-state electrochemistry of carbon and alloys as negative electrodes for
lithium ion batteries.
In December 2014, Dr. Gómez-Cámer joined CIC Energigune (Miñano, Álava) as a postdoc to
work with Prof. Teófilo Rojo. He has participated in two industrial projects with a European and
a Spanish company, in three European projects and in one national MINECO Retos project.
During 2016 and 2017 he held a Juan de la Cierva fellowship, which helped him to enhance
his capabilities as independent researcher and to broaden his knowledge on energy storage
systems, focusing his research on post-Li batteries (Na-ion, Li-S) and hybrid supercapacitors.
Since March 2019, Dr. Gómez-Cámer holds an Assistant Professor position (Prof. Ayudante
Doctor) at the University of Córdoba.
The research activities of Dr. Gómez-Cámer, active member of the International Society of
Electrochemistry (ISE) and the Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ), are focused mainly
on negative electrodes for Li- and Na-based energy storage systems. He is specialized on
synthesis of composite materials and alloys and their electrochemical study as negative
electrodes and other applications such as reference electrodes for electrochemical impedance
spectroscopy. Up to now, Dr. Gómez-Cámer has published 24 papers (10 as first author,
7 as corresponding author, 9 from his first postdoctoral stay) that have received over 430
citations, with an index h = 13, and 7 scientific reports. Besides, he has over 35 contributions
in national and international conferences, including 2 invited talks, 1 Tutorial on batteries, 1
talk in an international workshop and 1 Scientific Committee membership, and he participates
as reviewer in several journals (Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Scientific Reports,
Electrochemistry Communications, Journal of Electrochemical Society, Electrochimica Acta,
Journal of Power Sources, Carbon, ACS Omega and Journal of Materials Chemistry A).


  • –present
    Profesor Ayudante Doctor en Química Inorgánica, Universidad de Córdoba


  • 2010 
    Universidad de Córdoba, Doctor en Química

Research Areas

  • Solid State Chemistry (030206)
  • Electrochemistry (030604)