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Research Fellow, University of Sydney

I am a Soil scientist and believe in Soil Security for food security. I have understood that rapid increase of greenhouse gases is largely due to human activities. Under the six scenarios of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change the global average temperature rise will be 1.4-5.80 C by year 2100. This will have several impacts on our enviro and socio economic systems. For example, it’s known for cereal crops that a rise in temperature will have different impacts in temperate and tropical regions. But, it’s unclear if increase in temperature will have positive or negative impact on terrestrial carbon and nutrient balance (an imbalance in biodiversity)? I have been involved for the past few years in investigating one of the key Kyoto protocol objective of emission reduction by increasing terrestrial carbon sink for benefits, such as, nutrient management. In Australia, I tested if Agronomic strategies can help abate greenhouse gas emissions. Management practices such as rotational cropping, conservation tillage, organic amendments, precision agriculture (site-specific management), have the potential to reduce the effects of climate change, in my opinion, solution to emission reduction scheme is amalgamation of science and policy.
Presently, I have joined a team in Papua New Guinea investigating cocoa soil nutrition for smallholders. A major part of my job is also liaising with farmers and women in cocoa smallholder community for knowledge transfer both ways. I learn from them and they may learn in return from me. I am passionate about communicating complex scientific research to non-specialist audience via field days. The best evidence of my flair for effective and persuasive communication comes from my time working at a Postdoctoral researcher on a soil carbon DAFF project across New South Wales, Australia, and most recently working in Papua New Guinea with Cocoa farmers.


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    Research Fellow, University of Sydney