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Senior Research Fellow in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease and Accredited Practicing Dietitian, University of South Australia

Dr Karen Murphy is a Senior Research Fellow and Dietitian. Her research goal is to understand and scientifically substantiate the impact of dietary patterns, healthy foods and nutrients on cardiometabolic health and cognitive performance through randomised-controlled dietary intervention trials. She has consolidated her research into studying the Mediterranean diet which contains a range of healthy foods and bioactive nutrients on cardiovascular risk and cognitive performance. She has extensive experience in clinical trials, particularly assessment of dietary intake, body composition, cardiovascular health, biochemical analyses and more recently cognitive performance and psychological wellbeing. She is currently leading three dietary intervention trials on dietary patterns and cardiovascular and cognitive health, one of which is a NHMRC funded trial investigating the effect of a Mediterranean dietary pattern on cognitive performance and endothelial function in elderly Australians. Karen is a recipient of 25 research and travel awards one of which is the prestigious South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award (2009) and Australian Nutrition Trust Travel Fellowship (2015).

Karen practices privately part-time as a dietitian, working with individuals to promote healthy ageing through good diet and lifestyle choices.


  • –present
    NHMRC (Senior) Industry Research Fellow , University of South Australia