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Associate Director of the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

Kate is head of the Unit’s programme of research on Gender and Health, reflecting a longstanding interest in how social constructions of gender impact on men’s and women’s risk and experiences of morbidity, and how it may impact health damaging or health protective behaviours (including help-seeking behaviours. Her research in this area has an explicitly gender comparative approach.

Kate obtained her M.A. in Human Sciences from Oxford University. She then worked in the Department of Community Medicine and General Practice at Oxford University and obtained an MSc reporting research on the long-term effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) from the Faculty of Clinical Medicine at Oxford University. She obtained her PhD from Glasgow University. When she first joined the Medical Sociology Unit in Glasgow, she was principally involved with the West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study, a longitudinal study of the social patterning of health with a particular interest in gender and health. Between 2005 and 2010 Kate was seconded part-time as a Professorial Fellow to the Alliance for Self-Care Research, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Stirling . Kate was the post-graduate convenor for the Unit from 1996-2011.

In 2006 Kate was appointed Honorary Professor in the Division of Community Based Sciences at the University of Glasgow. Kate is a member of the MRC’s Population Health Sciences Group, UK Biobank’s Ethics and Governance Council, ,Department of Health’s JVCI Sub-committee on adolescent vaccine, and is Chair of the Advisory Group for the Health Experiences Research Group at Oxford University.


  • 2007 
    Glasgow University, PhD
  • 1985 
    Oxford University, MSc
  • 1980 
    Oxford University, MA