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Ken G. Drouillard

Professor, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, School of the Environment, University of Windsor

Professor with the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor. I joined the University of Windsor as faculty in 2002. My area of expertise focuses on Great Lakes Area's of Concern with emphasis on the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers. I work extensively with characterizing and mapping contaminated sediments, understanding beneficial use impairments related to water and sediment contamination and modelling chemical bioaccumulation in aquatic food webs. I have been a member of the Detroit River Canadian Clean-Up committee since 2016 providing advise on research and monitoring activities in the Detroit River and its need to address de-listing of this International Area of Concern. I am also a researcher with the WE-SPARK Health Institute, University of Windsor. Through WE-SPARK I have contributed to research on cloth masks for use in public and community settings for the control of COVID-19 and other airborne disease vectors.


  • 2012–2019
    Professor, University of Windsor