Twenty year academic research career focusing upon photochemistry of intrinsic and extrinsic epidermal chromophores (urocanic acid, UV filters, ROS sensitization) and epidermal environmental conditions (stratum corneum pH, ozone). Developed two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging methodology to visualize the stratum corneum pH gradient. Visualization of UV induced ROS as a function of epidermal depth and keratinocyte location using fluorescence microscopy techniques. Identified conditions by which FDA-approved UV filters can sensitize ROS in individual epidermal layers above intrinsic epidermal levels.

Fifteen year consulting experience with sunscreen R&D leaders, focusing upon antioxidant performance in OTC sunscreens.

Expert witness consulting in patent litigation, using my experience in spectroscopy, separations and data analysis.


  • –present
    Professional Research Chemist, University of California, Riverside