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Dr Kylie Scales is an ecologist with broad, inter-disciplinary interests in biogeography, spatial ecology and conservation biology.

Taking a quantitative and computational approach to ecology, Dr Scales has active research interests in movement ecology and species distribution modelling. She has specific expertise in using the R programming language to answer ecological questions, and in using animal tracking and biologging technologies together with satellite remote sensing to study the ecology of highly mobile marine species.

Dr Scales conducts research on ecological interactions, environmental interfaces and the mechanisms that underlie how animals respond to environmental conditions. As anthropogenic pressure on the natural environment intensifies, inter-disciplinary thinking will be required to predict how ecosystems and their wild inhabitants will respond to changing conditions. In this context, Dr Scales is interested in how we can predict ecosystem responses to anthropogenic threats, including global climate change.

Alongside analytical expertise, she has extensive field experience in both marine and terrestrial environments, having lived, worked and volunteered in different locations across the globe. Above all, she is a naturalist and lifelong student of the natural world, with a desire to equip future ecologists with the skills to become stewards of the natural environment.


  • 2016–present
    Associate Professor of Animal Ecology, University of the Sunshine Coast