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I'm Laura, an aspiring synthetic biologist who just finished their MSc Biology! Though my multidisciplinary interests span the universe, my current aim is to do research toward the development of sustainable technologies through microbial and plant engineering. The day we have all of the technology for a self-sustaining space station, I believe that the road ending all of the Earth's woes will have been paved. It will only be up to us to walk it!

Presently, I have been fortunate enough to get onboard a fascinating project at the INRS. When not embroiled in wheat soil microbial community research, I employ a wealth of hobbies rivaling their biodiversity- from coding, hiking, writing, comic illustration, cooking, music, and costume-making to gaming with my wife!


  • –present
    Researcher, Université du Québec


  • 2018 
    Concordia University, Master of Biology