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Lena Waizenegger

Lecturer in Information Systems, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Lena Waizenegger is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Lena received her PhD in Information Systems from the University of Innsbruck, Austria in July 2017. Her main research areas are (a) ubiquitous connectivity and team collaboration (b) conversational agents and their impact on the human workforce as well as customer experience and (c) the effects of digital disconnection on our emotional states, and d) human-robot collaboration in an agile project management context.

Her research has been published in various peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), the Journal of Travel Research, Vocations and Learning and Cutter Business Technology Journal as well as conference proceedings such as ICIS, HICSS, and ECIS.


  • 2018–present
    Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology